We provide applied practical engineering and design support services for the Subsea Petroleum Industry on a short or long term contract basis.


Having demonstrated the unique AlphaPRIME subsea processing system and associated components and equipment to the industry, we now wish to share this extensive knowledge to the benefit of petroleum companies, contractors  and manufacturers, many of whom have been familiar throughout the decades with Alpha Thames Applied Engineering Design Creativity.


Computer Aided Engineering Design and solid modelling is an essential tool in providing data for manufacture.  However the understanding of sound engineering principles and functional dimensioning of drawings for minimising build up of tolerances in assemblies is also a skill that takes time and experience to master.

Alpha Thames supplies all these skills due to the mature experience of its engineering designers and detailers.

Designs must also take into account ease of maintenance requirements.


AT Subsea have many years experience in preparing documentation to simply explain complex technology using minimal words to create interesting presentation material for potential client meetings and conferences.


The checking of solid modelling components and assemblies is also of paramount importance. Not only does this require a full understanding of the manufacturing and associated machine tools, but also how 2D drawings, created from 3D solid modelling, are to be dimensioned functionally.

AT Subsea is also skilled at providing a competent checking service to minimise costly errors during manufacture or assembly.


Equipment and installation sequence drawings/technical illustrations can also be prepared along with descriptions for use in manuals.


One to one or group training can also be provided for your staff with emphasis on subsea processing systems. For your younger engineers training in applied 3D CAD and engineering design principals is also available.


AT Subsea has published many papers and glossary of terms used in the offshore petroleum and subsea industry in particular. We are able to assist with preparing technical papers for clients own particular technology.

AT SUBSEA Engineering Consultancy & Design Services

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